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A fresh start happens every morning
Be your best self
Firstlight Superfood

purify and nourish everyday


Enjoy everyday and be balanced

Have your Perfect Body.

Balance your body and mind with powerful nutrients to support your discipline so you eat less.

Keto Friendly

Designed to work with 

 Intermittent Fasting Diets.

Simple to take in your busy world.

We do not need to eat three main meals everyday. 

Yogis and monks eat one main meal a day. 

They have strong physical and mental health, and longevity.

You can be slim, have radiant skin, and improve your health whilst still enjoying your family and social eating that we all love!


Foods that you Love and trust

We take farm direct, fresh fruit and vegetables,  and turn them into powerful, high quality superfoods. 

 Our  ingredients come from farms all over the world including Tasmania Australia, California’s Central Valley, and family farmers from Illinois and the mid-west.

Natural flavors are concentrated. 

Our Food Science-Tech methods ensure that the cellular structure of superfoods are stabilized.

 Better efficacy, Better taste, Better Results.


Powerful Active ingredients

We want you to look your best and feel great.

The active ingredients in our berries have a longer beneficial effect on our skin, digestive tract, brain and cells. 

 Mix into water for a concentrate, smoothies and all your favorite foods. Can replace sugar.

Live longer, stronger, and happier!

its started already. celebrities loving our products.

Deepak Chopra Loves Fill Me UP Purifying Soup


Deepak Chopra, world famous author and leader of the New Age Movement 

behind the scenes of our first TV Show Appearance in November on Lifetime Channel.

Such an honor to have him love and want more of my purifying soup Fill Me UP. Stay tuned.. 

                                                                                                                                                  Kathryn. Founder & CEO


We will be presenting our products on

True Love Story: Hollywood Celebrity Edition 

The new Hit TV realty show on Lifetime Channel starting on November 23  and in over 30 countries.


We are dedicated to improving your physical and mental health and well-being. 

Educating you and your family about the medical benefits of Firstlight Superfood.

First Light Superfoods


Soups. Just add hot water.

Fill Me Up on nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

 Freeze-dried Garlic, Ginger and Green Pea with Spirulina has immune benefits and cleansing properties.

You feel full because you are nourished.

Reduce carb intake as you feel full.

Turmeric Blast your body aches and pains away.

 Support your muscles and joints after exercising.

 The combination of Turmeric with freeze-dried Pineapple and Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Balances our digestive system and sharpens our mind.


Smoothies. High Energy Breakfast & Sweet Snacks.

Super Berry Boost is full of antioxidants for radiant skin and anti-aging.

We improve the retention and concentration of anthocyanins and other phytochemicals.

Passionfruit Delight  and pineapple are full of natural vitamins with a sweet flavor that can replace sugar. 

Sweet treats without calories. Digestive health supported.

With Maca this will  brighten your mood, reduce stress and provide sustained energy and focus to enjoy your day.

Adaptagens bring us back into balance without chemicals.


Gives you sustained energy to get through the day. Replaces coffee and sugar.

You can sprinkle on fruit, nuts, cacao and protein snacks. To make  dessert or high energy breakfast or snack just add a little water. 

Make a sweet concentrate adding plain yoghurt, coconut or low fat ricotta cheese. 


Support your Discipline. Feel Happy!

Simple to Eat Everyday No Recipes Needed.

For meals simply serve soups with green vegetables, salad,

gluten free crackers, cheese, salad, avocado, or nut butter. 

Simple, fast and powerful. Supporting your discipline

We are FDA, gluten free, non GMO, vegan and lactose free. With no preservatives or refined and artificial sugars.

Budget friendly. Spend less money on food. Replaces fresh food with all the real nutrients.


Serena DC


Serena DC

Hollywood Executive Producer, Netflix Actress.

Hollywood, USA

I started taking Super Berry Boost Energy Boost and Fill Me Up Detox  soup 4 weeks ago on the set of True Love Story.  I feel more energy, look better, my skin and eyes are glowing. Eating less during my busy schedule and better concentration. 

Megan Vivenzio


Megan Vivenzio

Senior Executive Waypoint Marketing Master Broker Group  

Washington, USA 

My afternoon slumps no longer happen as a result of taking the Super Berry-Boost daily. I have low thyroid (Hashimotos and adrenal  burnout) and your fabulous product is

apparently very healing to my  system.

Edwina Salazar


Edwina Salazar

Naturopathic Doctor

I found the Super Berry Boost to be incredibly healing for my system whilst recovering from an illness in hospital. The purity and concentration of the active ingredients of the berries, and the fact it has no added sugar or preservatives definitely helped me to heal and recover quickly.

Tyler Bain


Tyler Bain

Mining Project Manager Perth, Western Australia

I train in competitive paddling and ocean swims. Tumeric Blast works to reduce stiffness and soreness so I can be at my optimal level. It also helps to quickly heal any ligament or muscle injuries. Passionfruit Delight brings sustained energy for performance at work and early morning  training.

About us

Our Story


Three years ago our CEO and Founder Kathryn Handevitt-Haar made a discovery. 

The same techniques used in medicine can revolutionize the way we eat and create preventative medicine that is superfood.

Global research with leading food scientists enabled her to innovate her first range.

Her focus is to improve people's daily quality of life and long term health, eg. preventing and managing type 2 diabetes, obesity and chronic stress. 

She had a lucky opportunity to meet Stephen Whittington, the Founding President of Herbalife.

He saw her vision and decided to partner on this inspiring project.

Firstlight Superfood was born.

Their mission is to reverse and prevent the global health crisis in our modern world.

We support your discipline and self realization


Kathryn taught yoga for 15 years and has worked in the medical field. 

 It was the Cardiologists and Diabetes Endocrinologists she worked with that inspired her to invent new products to change peoples lives.

She researches, designs and formulates all products with the help of leading 

International Food Scientists.


Everything is created to support your body, mind and emotions. Wholistic balance and well being. 

Taken instead of processed and carbohydrate/sugar based food you will soon move into a new space .

Your own path of self realisation. .

A new approach to Health Products



We are dedicated to creating a brand where you feel empowered.

We strive to bring you the freshest natural produce farmed in a sustainable manner.

Launching into Amazon and stores soon we will keep you updated of where to get it first.   

 We create superfoods from scratch with the support of our food science manufacturer behind us.